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My former studio, which I stayed at my first 9 months as I arrived on Mactan was only 5 a month. The studio was newly constructed and only a few blocks from a nearby mall.

It had a main room which I used as an office, a narrow kitchen, a decent sized bedroom and a fairly large bathroom.

I was very happy there, it met all my needs and was in a secure enough area.

My monthly utility bills for electricity and water totaled about a month. Bottled water usually runs no more than a month.

But for the most part expect to find mostly chicken, pork and seafood for meats.

The good thing is that fish and shrimp are generally cheaper at the merkados, as well as vegetables.

Things have finally calmed down here after a big of local and online drama so, let’s take a look at this. And what sort of lifestyle are they looking to live? For instance, most large grocery stores here such as Alturas rarely carry milk.

As a good for-instance to begin with, let’s look at one of the basics.. With groceries, here you have a couple of options; Supermarkets, ‘Merkados’ (the marketplace) and dining-out.Each has lunches you can grab for under to hold you over til you get a ‘real’ meal later.Chow King has this snack called a ‘Chow Pao’, patterned somewhat after a siopao. Chow King makes their version kinda like a Mc Muffin with some meat and sauce inside.There are also other places, such as the Lantaw Floating Restaurant which serves Filipino foods.Nipa-hut ambiance with a great view of the ocean and yet at some very reasonable prices, about .50 a plate.

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